Our mission is to improve lives, prevent injuries, and keep people healthy
so that they can continue to do what they love.

We do that with proper foot support and cushioning.

We want to support your goals, dreams, and give you success. The best way to do that is to help prevent injuries before they happen by utilizing our foot support technology. We want you to stay a step ahead in whatever it is that you love.

Our success is measured by your success.


The Creation of SmartCells

It was a gray day. Rainy and overcast, a typical Seattle kind of a day. The founding fathers of SATECH came to the realization that comfort starts from the ground up. But in order to solve the aches and pains of life, a brand new cushioning technology would have to be developed. Herein lies the creation of SmartCells, which pioneered safety standards for spaces through mats and flooring.


The Hype was Real

The patented SmartCells began to spread like wildfire. Everyone and everything from standing workers and kids on the playground, to professional athletes and maybe even Seabiscuit’s brother in the barn, were experiencing (and loving) this unparalleled cushioning technology. Boy did they love it.

zelus-about-smartcells-press (1 of 1)


Say Hello to Fastech Labs

Fast forward to 2015 when SmartCells and Fastech Labs make it official and vow to bring the greatest prefab the world has ever seen to market. By simply leveraging over thirty years of experience working with thousands of top medical professionals and the best athletes on the planet. Fastech has provided foot support to everyone from tennis legends to World Series Champs to Hall-of-Famers.


Zelus Meets World

After many iterations of designing and testing the first Zelus Insole is created. Featuring SmartCells Cushioning in high impact areas and the orthotic components of Fastech Labs, Zelus Insoles were a product unlike any other. These weren’t the flimsy pieces of foam offered by Dr. Scholl’s and others. No, these were professional grade insoles offering impact absorption, a durable lifespan, and comfortable cushioning that was unparalleled in the orthotic world.


Zelus for Everyone

Here we are. It’s a new decade and we’re excited about the growth of the company. We’ve gained some momentum in a variety of  applications such as volleyball, pickleball, ultra-running, football, and a ton of others. Our Olympus Line of insoles are truly unique and reduce impact forces like you’ve never seen. Check and verify our test data and then get yourself a pair so you can feel the difference; feel the zeal.



30 day satisfaction guarantee



SmartCells Cushioning

Embedded in high impact areas to help reduce impact


Impact Absorption

SmartCells absorb up to 20% of impact and return energy


Custom Orthotic DNA

Built with the same components as custom orthotics


Supreme Arch Support

Orthotic grade arch support for support and proper alignment


Built to Last

Built with the highest quality materials around


Assembled in the U.S.

Each pair of insoles is assembled here in the U.S.A.

Notice: Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.