Are Insoles Bad for Your Feet?

In the world we live in today with all the “fake news”, it is important to be skeptical. After all, a healthy sense of skepticism is what keeps you from falling for all the get-rich-quick and pyramid marketing schemes your brother-in-law tries to talk you into at each family gathering.

Before a purchase, skeptical customers often ask us if insoles are bad for their feet.

We could answer with the rhetorical question: are carrots bad for you?

But, that can be confusing because in reality, carrots can be bad for you if you eat too many. In fact, thanks to the beta-carotene in carrots, if you eat too many your skin can become discolored.

So, we generally settle on the less confusing: Yes, insoles can quite possibly be bad for you but…

And that’s a big but, we cannot lie.

It really depends on what kind of feet you have.

If you have high arches, then a pair of flat insoles would be bad for you. Likewise, if you have flat feet, then insoles with arch support could cause more pain than benefit.

You didn’t expect that from a company that sells insoles, did you?

But, let’s not stop there. Did you know that shoes are bad for your feet too?

Say what?

You read that right. Shoes are bad for your feet.

We’re not just saying that for the shock and awe aspect. In fact, a 2008 study published in the podiatry journal, The Foot, supports that claim. The study compared 180 modern participants from three different population groups with feet of 2,000-year-old skeletons and found that the subjects who primarily walk barefoot had healthier feet.

Cool story, right?

The truth is, even though shoes are bad for your feet modern society won’t allow you to walk barefoot on a regular basis.

So, what do you do?

You make your shoes better with insoles that are scientifically engineered to put your feet in an optimal, supportive position.

That’s where Zelus Insoles step in. (Get it, STEP in. We crack ourselves up)

We know that what works for one type of foot, doesn’t work for another, which is why we offer 6 different insoles that range from arch support to simply flat and extra cushioning to simply a little cushioning.

Zelus Insoles were designed with the help of Fastech Labs, a visionary custom foot orthotic company with over 30 years in the orthotic podiatry industry, and incorporate SmartCells’ patented anti-fatigue cushioning. This winning combination of brain power resulted in the insole to end all insoles.

TL;DR Version: Shoes are bad for your feet. Insoles CAN be bad for your feet if you use the wrong ones. Zelus Insoles offers insoles for each type of foot.

Don’t know what kind of insole you need? Take our quiz here.

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