The Insole to End All Insoles

We Feel Your Pain, Literally.

You might be skeptical of insoles, because for you they have never really worked. Maybe they didn’t last you more than a week; or they didn’t take the pain away; or you didn’t notice a difference in your quality of life; or you just dont think you need insoles in general. To you, it basically feels like a waste of money.

So, now you are not even trying to find the right insole.
It must not exist, right?

Don’t worrywe get it.

In fact, YOU are the reason we created Zelus Insoles…so that you don’t have to look any further. Everything you have been searching for in an insole is right here.



30 day satisfaction guarantee

Primarily based on shoe type and the intensity of your intended use, our product lineup is broken out into two buckets with one main difference:

Arch Support (or no arch support).

Here are the high-level details of why you should choose Zelus Insoles:


Arch support isn’t for everyone, but we think it should be. Our 3 products with arch support all embody elements of a custom orthotic, but in an over-the-counter solution.

Having arch support in your shoes can dramatically affect your daily life, because it helps position your feet into the place where they can function best. This means better overall alignment for your lower extremities, resulting in serious relief and comfort during daily work-related nuances, intense post-work training sessions, and everything in between.

  • SmartCells Cushioning in high impact areas of forefoot and heel
  • Heat-molded Thermoplastic core for durable and solid support
  • Secures your heel, as the embedded SmartCells provide relief
  • Available in 3 Models:
    • A nifty ¾ length for roomier toes
    • A velvety suede-topped uber soft but sporty
    • An enhanced, triple-cushion, durable beauty
Zelus Sprintus Insole - Top and Bottom


Sometimes you just simply need more cushioning in your day. This is the story behind our 3 products that forego the molded arch support inside. They may be flat in terms of their literal shape, but don’t let that fool you. These insoles are far from flat in terms of their performance.

Flat isn’t blah, flat is intentional cushioning convenience: allowing you to take the unrivaled SmartCells technology with you in a completely different genre of shoe. Or you can also use them to add a touch of extra zing to an already supportive shoe. The possibilities are endless, just like the comfort of these insoles.

  • Complete SmartCells Cushioning on all models
  • Make your classic favs suddenly insanely comfortable
  • Anti-Microbial top layer for keeping things fresh
  • Available in 3 Models:
    • A Sleek ¾ length for the trickiest of shoes
    • A stress-reduction machine for your feet
    • A good-for-turning-any-shoe-active version