Gizmo Pickleball Pro

“He showed me the Zelus insoles and explained the technology to me – crazy thing is after finishing later than 11pm on the last day, everything BUT my feet hurt. Needless to say, I’m a fan.”

Tyler Loong

“After using the Olympus PRO, my feet feel more energized throughout my competitions and my recovery time has been cut in half!”

Tom D.

“Playing as many as 4-5 days a week means my feet and joints take a pounding on the pickleball court. I had a few aches and pains starting to arise. Knees, plantar fasciitis, hips all were sore and aching after playing for hours. I found Zelus insoles after extensive searching and was instantly hooked. Not only did the soreness and joint pain go away, I found that my legs and feet weren’t as tired after playing. The support and comfort of these insoles is incredible. I’ve tried many other options and to me, Zelus is by far the best. I would recommend these to anyone needing additional foot support and pain relief.”

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