Why Do I Need Insoles?

“Insoles? Aren’t those for old people?”

“Sure, I’ve heard of insoles, but I don’t need them. My feet don’t hurt.”

“I am not an intense, professional athlete who needs some expensive contraption in my shoe.”

Being in the insole business, we have heard these lines time and again. After all, the most common ways to get insoles or orthotics is to have a doctor prescribe them or an athletic trainer recommend them for enhanced performance. For the average joe, the other common solution is to purchase them in a big chain store. In these stores, insoles are found in the pharmacy section. You know who primarily shops in the pharmacy section? People who are hurting. To further solidify these stereotypes, insole manufacturers typically design their products to solve a medical issue OR help enhance the performance of elite athletes.

So, you’re not old, you’re not an athlete and your feet don’t hurt. Why do you need insoles?

Today is your lucky day. We have an answer and solution to that question. But first, it’s our turn to ask the questions. Would you brush your teeth without toothpaste? Of course not. It wouldn’t be helpful. How about, would you only change the oil in your car when it starts running badly? We hope not. Finally, consider this. Do you take vitamins because you’re sick or because you want to prevent yourself from getting sick?

Like brushing your teeth, changing the oil in your car and taking vitamins, preventative measures now with your feet will help decrease chances of an issue popping up down the road. That’s why Zelus Insoles are strategically designed to keep healthy feet healthy while also reducing the effects of pre-existing medical conditions.

Well, that makes sense but I’m not an athlete so why should I care if my insoles are designed to also enhance performance?

Again, we will answer this with rhetorical questions. Do you enjoy being second best? Probably not. If you could work harder or longer without feeling the extra pain, wouldn’t you want that? You know that hike or run you’ve always wanted to do? With Zelus Insoles supporting your feet, you will have the energy for it. Zelus Insoles are engineered with design elements and materials taken right from a high-class, fully functional orthotic — just like the ones trainers give to their athletes AND doctors give to their patients.

By leveraging the deep orthotic roots of Fastech Labs, we have developed an unmatched off-the-shelf solution to support your feet where they will function best. When your feet are positioned correctly, there is no stopping you from performing at your highest possible level.

With all this extra energy you have from performing your best, you will want to do more. Do you know what doing more puts you at risk for? Pain.

Fortunately for you, we did our homework. Our insoles are constructed with a cushioning system unlike anything else on the planet. There is literally no other insole that has the ability or capability to give you the Zelus level of comfort, and it’s all thanks to our patented SmartCells Cushioning Technology. When you have the best anti-fatigue, impact-absorbing tech in your shoes, to say that your feet will feel amazing would be an understatement. Plus, with our varied and unique lineup of insoles, achieving unmatched levels of pain-reduction has never been easier.

And that, my friend, is why you need insoles.

Still on the fence about insoles? With the Zelus Seal of Zeal Promise, we guarantee you will fall in love with your insoles within 30 days, or we will work with you to make it right. 

If you’re ready to feel the zeal, visit Zelus Insoles online at www.zelusinsoles.com, or call us at 1-833-BE-ZELUS (239-3587) to learn more about the Zelus story, compare the options and find the insole solution that matches your lifestyle.

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  1. What does “work with [me] to make it right” mean in regards to your 30 day “fall in love with your insoles” seal of zeal satisfaction guarantee?

    I’m considering the heelios, but concerned about the 3/4 length, but want arch support and smart cells throughout. I am assuming if I order a larger size, to temper this concern, the arch will be misplaced?

    How stable is the heel portion of the heelios?

    What is the material of the posuedeus heel?

  2. Hello,

    Our guarantee is designed to not just be black and white because we realize that each individual’s needs and situations are different. What we mean when we say “We’ll make it right” is that we will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your Zelus Purchase… even if that means that ultimately you just want to send it back. However, we hope that we can find a Zelus solution that WILL work. So, you will have 30 days to test it, try it, and let us know if you are feeling the zeal.

    The Heelios: These are some great questions. You are right, that if you order the larger size, our superb arch support may not line up correctly to your arch, thus making the Heelios uncomfortable and no fun to wear. The heel of the Heelios is quite stable, in fact – that is how the Heelios got its name… due to its great Heel support! The thermoplastic core not only supports your arch, but also provides a great heel cup to keep you locked in.

    The great thing about the Heelios is that the SmartCells coverage comes up past the ball of your foot, or the Metatarsal area, so that your feet still get great coverage. And the arch support is the same Thermo-plastic core that is in our Full-Length versions. the 3/4 design is really more specific to the shoe type you are wanting these insoles for…if your staple shoe every day is a boat shoe, or low profile shoe, or slip on, or dress boot, or dress shoe – then this is definitely the one for you. BUT if you are just thinking for your everyday sneakers, then I would go for the full-length Posuedeus instead.

    Which brings up your question on the Posuedeus:
    The Posuedeus is defined by its nice signature suede over the entire top layer. The heel material here is the same great Thermo Plastic heel cup and support as the Heelios, but the main difference is that embedded in this heel support is a patch of SmartCells Cushioning Technology, to provide amazing pressure relief (since the SmartCells are not full coverage on this model, but are strategically in the high impact areas of the Heel and the Entire ForeFoot)

    Phew! That was a lot – To sum up – short answer: It really comes down to the shoe type.
    Heelios is awesome and really great for everyday shoes for work or going out, where you are not doing hardcore workouts and whatnot. If you want something for a more active type of everyday shoe, Posuedeus is the route to take….

  3. My daughter is 6’2 and plays college volleyball. Wears a size 10….wondering which insole shevwould need. Shevis middle blocker, and plays right side as well. Jumps sky high and would like to prevent injury and give her an extra boost. They will be ordering Nike womens volleyball shoes this seadon.

    1. Hello Pam,

      Based on your daughter’s activity, we recommend that she wears the Zelus Olympus insole. With arch support and triple layer cushioning technology, the Zelus Olympus provides the stability, protection and comfort she needs to conquer the court. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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