Zelus Triple Threat

We developed an insole that can help prevent injuries AND improve performance AND reduce pain.


Our insoles are strategically designed for healthy feet (and bodies) that would like to remain that way. Sure, you feel good now, but does that mean you should just be content and sit around and wait for a painful problem to arise?

Like getting an oil change for your car; taking preventative measures for your feet will help decrease issues in the future. Plus, our SmartCells Technology offloads up to 20% of the impact force you put in, providing your body an out of this world, next-gen cushioning that your feet will thank you for — as will your ankles, knees, hips, back…you get the idea.


Our insoles are specifically engineered with design elements and materials taken right from a high-class, fully functional orthotic — just like the ones trainers give to their athletes AND doctors give to their patients.

By leveraging the deep orthotic roots of Fastech Labs, we have developed an unmatched off-the-shelf prefab solution to support your feet where they will function best. And when your feet are correctly in place, there is no stopping you from performing at your highest possible level.


Our insoles are constructed with a cushioning system unlike anything else on the planet. There is literally no other insole that has the ability or capability to give you the Zelus level of comfort. It’s all thanks to our patented SmartCells Cushioning.

When you have the best anti-fatigue, impact-absorbing tech in your shoes, to say that your feet will feel amazing would be an understatement. Plus, with our varied and unique lineup of insoles, reaching unmatched levels of pain-reduction has never been easier.



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