Put Your Best Foot Forward: How to Pick the Best School Shoes

August is always bittersweet. Students are usually sad Summer is almost over and parents are excited for school to start. Then they realize they have to go school shopping.

There goes your budget for buying season tickets for your favorite football team. But hey, look at it this way, if you set your kid up for success, maybe they’ll get a good job someday and repay you with season tickets in that suite you’ve been eyeing. You know the one.

We digress. The most important thing to keep in mind when school shopping is that if they feel good in what they’re wearing, then they will do good. Well, and that it fits in your budget.

Clothes are pretty easy, most of the time they fit or they don’t but finding the perfect shoes for the school year is a much more challenging task.

They have to fit good but not too snug, look good, be quality enough to make it through most of the year but fit the budget, be comfortable, correctly serve their intended use, and be liked by the student.

Whew! That is a lot of checkboxes to mark off. Luckily, we got your back.

Keep reading to learn how to pick the perfect pair of shoes so your student can put their best foot forward. (Pun intended)

Consult the School Handbook
Some schools have very specific guidelines regarding the type and color of shoes that are allowed. Before purchasing your student shoes, make sure you know what the guidelines are.

Wear Out or Grow Out?
When looking for the right shoes, you ideally want your kid to outgrow them rather than wear them out. This may cost you a little more upfront but it will pay off in the long run when you end up replacing them less frequently.

The Cinderella Story
We get it, buying clothes and shoes for a growing kid can be difficult. One week they fit them, the next week they don’t. Experts recommend going no more than half a size larger. This gives them room to grow but also ensures they do not slide too much and get blisters. Finally, don’t forget about the width of the shoe.

What will the shoe be used for?
Depending on the age of your student, you may be required to buy multiple pairs of shoes. Many middle and high schools require students to have a pair of shoes dedicated for gym class, while most students in primary school will just be required to wear their everyday shoe. If your student needs a shoe that can double as a gym shoe, you need to consider the type of shoe you will be buying. An athletic shoe is often the best all around shoe for all day comfort whether they are at recess or in the classroom.

Give them the support they need
Your feet provide the support for your whole body, which is why they need shoes that can help maximize that support. A shoe that can easily be bent in half or twisted won’t be able to provide the necessary support. In addition, give the heel cup a squeeze, if it flattens or is significantly squishy you should pass on the shoe.

Set Aside Time
Finding the ideal shoe takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. In fact, experts recommend setting aside at least an hour so you have enough time to find a shoe that fits your student’s needs and desires. While we’re on the topic of time, since feet swell throughout the day, make sure you shoe shop in the evening to find the best fitting shoes.

Bring Socks
You might be thinking, how obvious, but many people forget to wear socks when shoe shopping during the Summer. Not only will socks ensure a healthy shoe shopping experience, it will allow you to find the best fitting shoes.

Invest in Zelus Insoles
Zelus Insoles will take your student’s shoes to the next level. Not only will they experience unparalleled comfort thanks to our unique SmartCells Cushioning Technology, Zelus Insoles are designed to improve performance AND prevent injuries.

Bonus: They can also be transferred from shoe to shoe.

By leveraging the deep orthotic roots of Fastech Labs, we have developed an unmatched off-the-shelf solution to support your student’s feet where they will function best. And when their feet are correctly in place, there is no stopping them from performing at their highest possible level so someday those suite-level season tickets will be yours.

Still on the fence about insoles? With the Zelus Seal of Zeal Promise, we guarantee your student will fall in love with their insoles within 30 days, or we will work with you to make it right.

Help your student Feel the Zeal by visiting Zelus Insoles online at www.zelusinsoles.com, or calling us at 1-833-BE-ZELUS (239-3587) to learn more about the Zelus story, compare the options and find the insole solution that matches their needs.

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